The Three Pillars of Our Work

In honor of Brian’s life and legacy, we are dedicated to showing our support in three major areas of impact.


We support causes that fight for LGBTQ equality and provide support to the community. We will raise funds and awareness on LGBTQ issues in New Jersey. In 2018 and 2019 all donations will directly go to New Jersey’s Garden State Equality.


Brian was a teacher, not in the traditional sense, but he taught and impacted many lives every day. We will partner with local schools, theaters, and anti-bullying groups and give them financial support and other resources to help further their impact and reach. 

The “LEAVE A LEGACY” award

The Leave a Legacy Award will celebrate the success and accomplishments of people still with us and those who have passed. This person is someone that always sees the brighter side of life and lives the best version of themselves each day; someone works without borders and makes a lasting impact on every person that they encounter - like Brian!

Nominations will be accepted and awards will be presented at our Annual Legacy Ball. Donations will be made in honor of the recipients to organizations and causes that they support or supported.